GSACS Calendar

10-12   Washington Capitol Hill Conference
21         Competition Critique Meeting at Gloucester (9:00-12:00)
30         Membership registration and dues                                             

5-6        Soccer Tournament       
19         Pastor/Admin./Bd Member Seminar

Regional Christian School Convention at two possible locations.
1) Charlottesville, VA ODACS (Call Dan Zacharias at ODACS
2) Boston, MA (Call Kevin Moody Dublin Christian School, NH)   Nov 8, 9

12-14    AACS Leadership Conference at High Point Baptist Camp

4            Poetry/Essay Contest hosted by Erial     

1            Spelling Bee at Hackensack            (Snow Date Feb. 15)  
8            Senior High Academic Testing        (Snow Date Feb. 11) 
15-16     Basketball Tournament      
15          Deadline for Educator of the Year Ballot      

8            Educator’s Conference at GCCS 
12          Senior High Music Festival (Snow date Mar 14)  
15          Senior High Academic/Fine Arts Competition  at The Pilgrim Academy (Snow Date Mar 18)

Mar 18-Apr 26   — AACS Achievement Testing  

12          Junior High Academic Testing        (Snow Date April 15)
9-11       AACS National Academic/Fine Arts Competition - Bob Jones Univ., Greenville, SC
26          Jr. High Academic/Fine Arts Competition  at Gloucester 

1            Deadeline for Al Monson and Robert Peterson Scholarships
10          Track Meet

TBD       Youth Legislative Training Conf., Arlington VA